It All Started In a Photography Studio

Our story began in a photography studio when our founder Diana Renée focused her lens on babies. When meeting with moms, she would ask, "Are we shooting your baby butt naked today?" The question always provoked a giggle and a smile, as we all know there is nothing cuter than a butt naked baby. 
(And to this day, when we mention the name of the brand - it still does!)

Noticing many babies had dry, flaky skin, Diana went on a quest to stock her studio with unscented, natural baby products to help them get camera ready. At that time, this wasn't easy to find. What she found was highly perfumed products with a long list of chemical ingredients. It was apparent that there was a need for clean baby products, gentle enough to put on a baby from the day they were born.

So she set out... She consulted with doctors, chemists, herbalists, and moms to help bring to life baby products that were clean, plant-based and 100% naked of toxins. Naturally, her tiny clients became the original face of Butt Naked Baby — their black and white photos adorning each box. For it was the little ones who helped plant the seed, and FOR the little ones that Butt Naked Baby was born.