Our trademarked signature blend White Tea, Green Tea and Calendula is the heart of Butt Naked Baby's unique advanced complex, including effective anti-irritants and powerful antioxidants. United with these ingredients, each of Butt Naked Baby products are beneficial in providing nourishing skin nutrition while reducing inflammation redness and irritation often associated with delicate, sensitive skin. These advanced formulas are developed to provide restoration, hydration and protection. We call it baby's skin remedy and it is loaded with beneficial skin nutrition.

Our Key Ingredients 

White & Green Tea

Antioxidant powered for daily defense and a healthy immune system! Babies need antioxidants to fight free radicals which can interfere with healthy growth and development. Tea extracts are powerful antioxidants with properties that are 20 times stronger than that of Vitamin E. Tea's are also beneficial in reducing inflammation, redness and irritation often associated with skin ailments such as eczema, diaper rash and baby acne. Use BNB products formulated with our powerful antioxidant blend of organic white and green tea extracts to combat free radicals and help support your baby's natural defense system.


Calendula is an incredible herb used for cleansing, healing and soothing baby's sensitive skin. It provides one of it's greatest benefits in relieving eruptive skin disorders associated with baby eczema, diaper rash and problematic skin conditions. Calendula flowers act as an antibacterial antiseptic against infection. Your baby's skin is delicate and vulnerable to external irritants. Use BNB products formulated with the healing power of calendula to sooth, nurture and protect baby's sensitive skin naturally.

Plant-Based Skin Nutrition

Plant-based oils form the basis of all BNB formulations. Plant-based oils do not clog pores and instead, allow the skin to breathe while nourishing and protecting it. From birth, baby's skin is 5 times thinner than that of an adult, making it vulnerable and hypersensitive to outside irritants. Baby's immature skin needs products that are suited to its vulnerability as chemical induced products can irritate their sensitive skin. BNB products are formulated to care for your baby's delicate skin naturally and organically.

Organic Standards 

What does it mean to be organic?

To be organic, the product must be grown, processed, produced and stored without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and synthetic chemicals and be completely free from genetically modified ingredients, petrochemical, hormones and antibiotics.

Organic certification 

To be CERTIFIED ORGANIC, the product must contain 70% and above organic content while being completely free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic colorings and fragrances. The production process is strictly audited by a third party to ensure the products conform to the most stringent of standards.   

Simply Put

By choosing to use a certified organic product, you are assured that you are using a product of the highest quality that is pure, safe and good for both the user and the environment. We are proud to say that each of Butt Naked Baby's organic products meet the 70% and above organic certification standard.